I will not be the first to review this book nor the last but as a fan of Mr Kings better books this is not lacking. A good. well written (this goes without saying these days) horror thriller. The characters easy to get hold hold of, the tableau unexpected. Another great Stephen King novel. Shock horror. He rarely gets it wrong these days and I tend to love every one of them.

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Surely the from "bad to worse" novel is endemic. Poe, Vonnegut and Hardy are hardly the progenitors. Imagine, Homer, Virgil and Aeschylus. Worse (perhaps) "the lay of Gilgamesh" then The Arthurian legends and the Icelandic sagas. Tragedy was well established before the days of Shakespeare never mind Vonnegut.

I enjoy dipping into these depths of misery. My favourite being "Gormenghast" by Mervyn Peake, though Stella Gemmell's dystopian hell "The City" is worth a mention and drawing you further into the pits of hell "The Crow Girl" by Erick axl Sund. I love a dank and dire dystopia.

But then read a history of "Alexander the Great", "Genghis Khan" or "Gaius Julius" revered and famous historical figures who each killed millions to further their ambitions. Hannibal Lecter, Dexter and Moriarty are only fictional and very little daemons. True daemons are all real and human.

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I am unsure what to say about this book. A good thriller. The writing is not enchanting but it gets it's point across( despite the odd mistake). My initial impression was "This is rather good" but it faded with time and I always have a slight issue with tenses in Ms Hyder's books but do let my irritants take anything away from a good thriller. Echoes of a "not so good" John Connolly novel a little lee child's salted in for good hope.

It seems to me that I am saying this is not a good a novel and I would be wrong to say so as I was involved with the story almost as soon as the first page. It is a good a book just not as good as many others in the same genre.

I am going to read another novel in this series.

Decide for yourself.

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