A moment of Deja vu,came first, This idea seems familiar. Then it struck me, David Brin's "Uplift" series of books "Startide Rising" etc. A great idea and I do not fault Mr Tchaikovsky for taking this idea and moving it to another level. Indeed Mr Tchaikovsky was aware of what he was doing as the spacecraft at the start was named the "Brin 2" an obvious homage to the originator of the idea. I really enjoyed Mr Brin's work but have to say that the writer here takes to the tale in a more macabre fashion enjoying playing with and destroying stereotypes.

A very different take on Mr Brin's idea and one that I believe works well.

I do not wish to give away anything of the tale and so shall tell you little other than to read this book. I am looking forward to the sequel. This is pure straightforward Sci-fi, not hard Sci-fi as some have suggested, there is little technical detail and the tale is easy to follow if surprising at times. I would heartily recommend this book to both followers of Mr Brin's and Mr Tchaikovsky's works as well as most middle of the road Sci-fi readers.

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Covid 19 has taken it's toll here as it has in most of the world and I have become a victim of it's endless insidious conquest if not in so dire a fashion as the ruin it has wrought upon many. I have, so far, not succumbed to the illness nor been harmed by it in the way that many others have. I have not lost family nor friends and hope not to before this plague passes. Rather the ravages of Coronovirus have affected me in a different way; they have made me shut down (or at least mothball) my magazines and I have had to take a job.

Working for a living (not what I once did) is really difficult. I am now out the house at five am, punching a card and working till six PM and as you can imagine this has played havoc with my writing schedule. So much so that it is practically non existent. So I am here to apologize to all who were waiting for "The Dark Kind" "Baranguiel" and the other couple of books that were expected from me this year. None of them will appear even in the near future unless I win the lottery (and I do not play it) or someone pays for them. Neither of which I expect to happen. I will keep everyone updated with what is happening and will update you on my progress but expect it to be slow.

In the meantime you may wish to purchase one of my existing books most of which can be found at www.raytwalker.com and on www.amazon.co.uk

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Updated: Oct 4, 2020

A fan, I was always going to enjoy this book and I did. David Gemmell doing what he does best; creating a hugely believable grunge fantasy filled with true characters interspersed with a rip roaring story that pulls you along always wishing for more. This simple tale is well written, held together perfectly and will carry a reader along through the full four volumes of the Rigante history. As I said, a fan, and all should be,The best at at what he does.

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