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Terry Pratchett does "Phantom of the Opera" with Witches. A particular set of witches. In his own inimitable style. For those that love Mr Pratchett s books; here comes another cracker.

To those that have never had the pleasure; you are in for a treat. Few writers can conjure up laughs in the way Mr Pratchett could, few writers could also make a disparate story connect in the way he has (regularly) been able to. This is a masterful work, yet again, from a comedy genius. I laughed and cried (with Mirth) my way through yet another wonderful tale by the esteemed Mr Pratchett.

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This book should never have worked but it did. This is one of those silly ideas that writers have that should be kept away in a bottom drawer and never see the light of day, dogs, bears, alligators or iguanas and bees as bio-weapons seems such a silly idea, worthy of Terry Pratchett but here it works. Suspend your disbelief. Honey, Rex and Bees are as real as you and me. I found Mr Tchaikovsky with "Children of Time" which I thought a good idea but lacking astronomical depth. Lol- sci-fi buff me, but here he won, converted me. This is a great book easily read with just a hint of the difficult to appeal to the hard sci-fi buffs. I am going to buy more of Mr Tchaikovsky's works.

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I have enjoyed the majority of Conn Iggulden’s historical fiction from the very beginning. As a “looks good” cover choice from Waterston’s, I picked up one of the “Rome” (sadly not in the right order) novels and have never regretted that impulse purchase.

His David Gemmellesque remakes of history I have always enjoyed and have looked forward to every new release.

Dunstan follows his normal format and style but he tackles here a rather repulsive character that removes Mr Iggulden’s usual verve and style, Relying more on history in this occasion rather than historical and heroic fiction I fear this book suffers when compared to his others. I do not mean to run it down in any way, Mr Iggulden brings to life a historical figure with his usual aplomb but this lacks, in my opinion, the majesty and grit of his many other books. Still a great read, it is not his best in my opinion.

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