What a start to a heroic fantasy novel; Dip into Mervyn Peake or Moorcocks; Gloriana, with a city built upon the ruins of another, rooms within rooms. the denizens of the sewers who live off the rich and mighty dreaming of the light. Then Ms Gemmell introduces hints of her husbands work with the never ending battle between the city and its enemies.

But do not think that you are just getting a copied version of David's style and work. This is truly original, produced by a great fantasy writer. Ms Gemmell is walking her own road not just copying or extending her late husbands great work with this novel. I look forward to reading the sequel which I have just noticed is already out.

All out fantasy war (with some subtleties)

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I have chosen "Ruin" to place this review under as it is possibly the best book of the quadrillion but this rather is a review of the complete series of books. My initial opinion was "excellent" the series was easy to get into, the characters simplistic but easy to like or hate depending upon their bent. The story builds well especially when considering what a mammoth series it is. Yet said characters gain little depth as the tale progresses, none become particularly notable. The nub of each character great the extended character lacking. Mr Gwynne should, however, be congratulated for many things, the battle scenes can be spectacular (and they are difficult to write), holding such a long tale together with no (particularly) noticeable failings is an achievement in itself. Yet in my opinion the ending, of the series, was anti-climatic and rather obvious. None the less this series is well worth a read, just do not read them all in series as I have, Deeper characters required.

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On special offer for kindle I picked this up for only £1.99 and it seemed just my thing. The blurb suggests a Gothic romance, dark and mysterious. Clues to the nature of the novel came thick and fast, the initial male character being, square jawed, muscled and nigh on perfect for a bodice ripper. The female lacking depth and rather vapid. Still I persevered, after all Dorian Gray was handsome and Nina Harker somewhat vapid yet great characters. Alas things did not improve for me in fact things grew worse with each passage until finally I laid the book aside and sought something more suitable to my taste.

I suspect my real problem with this book is the blurb suggesting it to be something that it is not. Were I looking for a YA paranormal romance then this may have ticked all the boxes. The writing is good, the story carries you along, it seems well paced and put together. I have given the novel only two stars but please do not let my review put you off reading this. My review is based solely upon what I was expecting compared with what I read. I suspect that if you enjoy paranormal romance then this could well be the book for you.

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