I am old now, I have lived and during my long life I have read a great deal. The classics, Greek myth and tragedy, the Icelandic sagas, Origin myths, histories and many fantasy, horror and contemporary novels and so old now and jaded it is rare that something catches my shortening attention span so much as "The Final Empire" did. Marvelous storytelling based on a completely original idea. I was swept away and gathered up into this tale awaiting each and every change in the story. I also wished to mention Mr Sanderson's (occasional) gift of choosing the right words. Few have that capability.

I am now looking forward to reading the second volume in this series and hope that he continues his good work.

This book was a wonderful way to while away the hours during lock-down


It is cold here, the frost has taken hold over the last few days, adding an additional crust to our lives.

We have left Europe, soon Scotland will leave the UK. I think that this will continue, the highlands and islands may then leave Scotland, The North of England, leave the UK and become an independent nation and we shall return to city states each conglomerate breaking down till we return to the dark ages,

Soon it will begin. The virus spreads. Already teachers are arguing that they are more worthy than the elderly. Health providers argue,

I am worthier than you of saving is becoming the norm. I am unworthy, just a writer and worker. per hap i shall write here again. Who knows perhaps i will be relegated to the dregs of humanity in favor of the teachers the, elderly, the law givers, the rich and privileged?

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All the wonders Ms Gemmell created in the first book of this series (The City) just became mayhem in the second (sequel). I tried to see the sense in the death of so many characters. I tried to see the reasons behind the style. I could not. I thought it a little crass but that could simply be me missing the "Big picture" as I am a little "thick" but sadly I thought this silly, worthless and not a patch on the first book.

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