Earnest Hemingway once said... "There is no friend as loyal as a book"

But books can be disloyal friends, books can be be the beginning of anarchy, they insinuate themselves into your mind, thought processes and Id. Books play with your perceptions of realism, pragmatism, they idolize heroes and right thinking people can be drawn astray, taken by the flow of words. Books are both our savior and Antichrist, our salvation and our demise and who can say which book leads to which end.

I am reader of books and many have changed my thoughts and perceptions over the years. Can I tell which have changed me for the better or the worse? Only an independent advisor could give you an answer to that question but that answer would be be based upon earlier opinions from the books that they have read.

Reading is perilous. Writers can affect your opinion on what you consider “essential truths” leading you to depravity, dissonance and despondency whilst these dislocations from reality many bring you closer to true understanding of the human condition. Perhaps they can can lead you to clarity, conventionalism, certainty and confluence but I doubt it.

I have been a reader all my teenage and adult life but each book I read provides me with more questions than answers. Books are disloyal.

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Are they delivered by a stork carrying a small pink or blue blanket in its beak? Do you find them in the cabbage patch, or do they spring fully formed from the mind of the author?

If your answer is "none of the above", books spring from ideas, hard work and imagination then read on.

I am often asked where the inspiration comes from for my books and stories. I rarely answer this question directly when this is put to me for the sources are so varied, A piece I have read in the paper, a book by another author, a colour, a scent, a magazine article, it can be anything.

I suppose I take inspiration from many things though I have rarely bothered with writing prompts.Often an authors way of planning a book. Other's books do inspire me but that is often because of the writing style or ideas contained therein rather than the content. Landmarks, landscapes and ruins(etc) particularly inspire me. How did the people that lived here survive? how did they build it?, Why was it built? and so on.

Once upon a time I visited a stone circle in Kilmartin Glen (Scotland), I found it magical, the name alone conjured up ideas (The Lady Glassery forest) and then finding that the stones had stood for thousands of years before the pyramids, I wondered what gods the people of the time worshiped, how they survived and so on and that led to research; a motivator in in itself.

I do not think it really matters where your writing inspiration comes from, rather it is, simply that you recognize the motivation for what it is when you have it and then write it down. Hopefully translating those thoughts and ideas into a good book or story.

I like to think that I can lay claim to that accolade from time to time.

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Craft Talk.

The layman's guide to cleaning up a skull.

Remove all extraneous material from the skull (set aside for later use).

The gristle, fat, brain, and spinal tissue can be boiled down into a thick syrupy tallow which can then be mixed with the blood and hair of the victim. Allow to cool and congeal for some time whilst making a mould (I am sure that you can buy them on e-bay now for those who do not enjoy crafts or are too busy killing to take time to enjoy the fruits of your labours). Set aside the extra blood.

Just add a retainer and wick and you have candles that are guaranteed to smoke a great deal, smell noxious and summon Asaroth or Samameil when they are required.

Both Daemons are particularly handy for cleaning the smoke stains from the ceiling after burning the candles.

Time to go out into the woods. You need to do this at midnight on a full moon (yes you have to refrain from wild sexual abandon for the night. stop complaining it is only one night in a month, Sheesh)

Gather the willow wands and frame them into the shape of a face. It is easy and with little effort you have an effigy that can be used for all sorts of fun.

My craft blog is available on www.witchettywitch.com.

Use the blood you have saved, tendons and eyes (that we saved from earlier) remember? And insert them into the frame. You have only to use a little hex then to have complete control of whoever you want leading to endless hours of fun.

I particularly enjoy the unexpected erection when my husband is hugging his mother.

The inexplicable break-dancing

by my mother when she has not seen the grand-kids for a while.

My cute best friend, pulling faces and sticking her tongue out when on a first date (strange thing is the guys seem to still date her).

Oh, and then just put the skulls in the dishwasher.

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