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The Fisherman's Lament

An unashamed love story. A romance that spans the ages. Rob and Ann married young, all did in their day and as so many others had to, they made a life together wither they wished to or not. Each grew to love the other during the many long years they spent as one, bonding so deeply, enmeshing, each there for the other despite their faults, that when one dies the spouse cannot live without the other. Yet live they must, spending each hollow day thinking of the one now gone. Dedicating the rest of their lives to the memory of the one who has passed over to the other side.But there is Faerie magic in play here in the Highlands of Scotland and perhaps Rob and Ann may one day be together again.Buy this book but buy a box of tissues at the same time, I cried from the very start to the surprising end. Marcie Gray "New Romance"Lives up to all the hype. I have never been moved so much by a short book in my life.Marion Keyes.The true soul of romance, perfect in every way.Jojo Moyes."The Fisherman's Lament", took only an hour or so to read and that is my only complaint. I wished it would go on forever.A wonderful short novel. Margaret Attwood.

  • No Conflicts.

    A story written by me, pulished by me. Lol- so if you hate it you have no one to blame but me.

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