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Review's night, Joe Hill, Strange Weather.

I had, a few years ago, read, "Twentieth Century Ghost's" by Joe Hill which I thought "fine" if not that great. It neither turned me on to his books nor made me avoid them. And so he passed out of my reading habit until a couple of weeks ago when I happened upon the book "Strange Weather" and it was cheap. Not one to refuse a bargain and a prolific reader I could not give the chance of reading him again, a miss. After all even the very best of writers have books that are not so good as others. Perhaps Mr Hill was more than I Imagined from a single book, I should give it a try. "Strange Weather" is a collection of four Novella's, each different from the others. I will not go into details but they are dramatic tales all built around the cover title of "Strange Weather" and you get a very variable bunch. The book starts with "Snapshot" a strange, unexplained, tale made only more mysterious by the omissions and continuation of the tale beyond it's conclusion. As a stand alone novella I would have rated this higher than the book itself. I shall not bore you all with my rieviews of each novella, rather let you judge for yourself. There are wonderful tales and others that just did not catch me.

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