The River Girl's Torment

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There is a girl in the River, a beautiful girl, she has long brown hair that curls like River weed. She has dark eyes, that glow with the colours of the River, she is sinuous as the eddy’s and currents that make the River live and Rob has been looking for her his whole life.

She is the girl in the River and he is the one that watches her. He wishes to find out about her, he wishes to know her, his River girl, he wants to understand her and perhaps even love her but the River Girl will try to tame him before the end. (This is the new novel by Raymond Walker, a work of romance but obsession and madness as Rob glimpses something new in the River that his house lies above; a girl. It could be simply his imagination or his loneliness causing him to see the girl but he thinks it is not. He thinks her real and sets out to find her, to know what she is, to know her. It is his goal, his need, his obsession and he searches for her for years and one day, he finds her)

“The River Girls Torment” is a work of true beauty, thoughtful, clever, quirky and full of earthy magic. I love This. Rob Anderson, author of “Elizabeth”

An absolute Delight from Raymond Walker, clever, current and topical, never mind the beautiful romance, this has so much more to offer than boy meets girl. Aldrich Kenney, author of “When East meets West” and “The leaves in Poland”

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