She Wept Black Tears

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There is a war coming, visceral, bloody and damaging. The Morrigan sits upon a crumbling stone wall and knows that more blood will be spilled here. Soon. A man goes hill walking just to enjoy the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and happens upon a ruined hill fort that no one has seen in an age. The relic was once the scene of an ancient battle, a battle that rages still, unseen, between Celtic and demonic forces, magical and mystical and it is about to reach its unholy end. Rob, the aesthete, the fool, the romantic dreamer, is about to get drawn into the strangest of worlds.

"Love it. I have told Ray for years that this is his forte, Heroic fiction. He persists with the faerie Tales, but this is what he does well, in my opinion. My head was spinning. This is Great.

Marcal Smith, author of "The Spires that blow in the Wind" and "Cossacks"

This is a great piece of Heroic fantasy, short, clever, well written and just up my alley. I think Raymond Walker may be the next me, if he adds a few hundred pages.

George R R Martin.

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