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 Available to buy on the 16th September 2022.


The dead girl was not always dead, once she lived and played like other girls, like her sister, until one day the river took her. Near the river lies the wandering tree, beneath its branches children play, animals' hide, and insects gather. An old tree harbor's many secrets and life is only one of them.
A broken man lives near the tree, a man who has lost a wife and later a daughter. The river gives life to the tree and all surrounding it, the broken man, the dead girl, and the creatures, human, animal, and elemental, who rely upon its bounty, but all is not right with the river, the wandering tree and the lands surrounding it. An insidious cancer grows, takes root, and spreads, infecting all those who live around and in the river. The dead girl, the broken man, the sad Moonchild and all the creatures who live by the river must find the root of this blight and destroy it before it consumes them.

Imagine a faerie tale by a master storyteller, romance, suspense, horror, and fantasy crafted perfectly. I cannot get enough of this. Robert Anderson author of Elizabeth
Truth, wonder and an overriding innocence that glamours, dark, beautiful, and mysterious, I was enchanted.
Carrie Lewis author of Infidelity
Wondrous. The Scotsman.  Spellbinding. The Glasgow Herald.  Bittersweet: a must read. The Metro

Do we really know ourselves or just place a mask over who we truly are? Do we have a dark side? A desire you tell no one of, a strange lingering need. Many have. Most have. What then do you do when you discover it?
From the pen of Raymond Walker, master of the horror story comes this collection of shattering tales. You will find yourself growing uneasy, awkward, or strange whilst reading of man’s domination of women, illicit love affairs, nurture destroying nature, monsters who are real and often all too human. Wrath and war seep through into everyday lives and those once good will end up damned. Those damned will revel in the abandonment of Hell. You may feel odd reading these tales, most who read them used the words “uneasy”, Queasy" some suggested, “strange” others “discomfited” Most saw themselves somewhere in these stories.
Mr. Walker draws you in and skews perceptions of yourself while telling some cracking horror stories.
Robert Anderson. Author of Elizabeth and From the Top

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Hiding From the Light; A master of the dark tale is let loose upon this strange conglomeration of fantastical tales. Ancient gods; worshiped still, gain life again. Moonchildren creep from their quiet holts and have stories to tell. Dark tales of the crypt and witchery abound, amid sad tales of loss and hope forlorn. Add to this a couple of humorous tales and some dark fantasy, this is a treat you will have rarely experienced.

I cried, laughed, grew excited, wept and dreamed of these tales, over and over. Few authors have the command of emotion that Raymond shows. Magda Asif, The Spectator.

A Roller Coaster ride of emotions, beauty, taste, disgust, love, romance, terror and simple comfort. I have never read this author before but I am hooked and will be ordering more of his books as soon as I am finished writing this. Salman Rushdie, award winning author of "Midnight's Children"

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What’s New With Raymond Walker

As you can see from the notes above all my focus, for the moment, is on "The Dark Kind" which will be released in a few months tme. I have started doing a little pre-publication advertising and held a talk about it's forthcoming release. Happily the pre-publication reviews have been great; Comments such as "Dark and Delicious" From Lucy Briggs of "Wondrous Tales" and "A clever, accomplished Mystery" from fellow author Rob Anderson have done nothing but bouy my enthusiasm for this Book.

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A strange beast from the dark places of the world stalks the night and the creatures of faerie are scared. They have lived around the river since the time before time existed. Quiet creatures, timid and fearful, silent in the night but happy in their nocturnal existence,

peace and happiness was drawn from them by the "Dread" and replaced by a creeping fear. Each and every one of the fae knew that they would become, dinner, for the beast.

They had only one hope, a human, husband to the sprite that was the river itself. He must slay or persuade the beast to head North into the cold wastes where it belongs. Add to this dark tale four others, the award winning "The strange tale of the Crows Feather" Where the darkest of portents are found to be true, "Wisdom Lies in Adaptability" the darkest of fables and the multi award winning "Picture on the wall" a ghostly tale of no mean stature. 

Raymond Walker is the, author of "The Secret Inside" , "The River Girls Torment" and  "He, who is Lost"