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An unashamed love story. A romance that spans the ages. Rob and Ann married young, all did in their day and as so many others had to, they made a life together wither they wished to or not. Each grew to love the other during the many long years they spent as one, bonding so deeply, enmeshing, each there for the other despite their faults, that when one dies the spouse cannot live without the other.

Yet live they must, spending each hollow day thinking of the one now gone. Dedicating the rest of their lives to the memory of the one who has passed over to the other side. But there is Faerie magic in play here in the Highlands of Scotland and perhaps Rob and Ann may one day be together again. "Buy this book but buy a box of tissues at the same time, I cried from the very start to the surprising end". Marcie Gray "New Romance"


"Lives up to all the hype. I have never been moved so much by a short book in my life". Marion Keyes.

"The true soul of romance, perfect in every way".

Jojo Moyes.


"The Fisherman's Lament", took only an hour or so to read and that is my only complaint. I wished it would go on forever.A wonderful short novel.

Margaret Attwood.

August, 2019

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A beast is hunting the snow-covered winter lands of Kilmartin, a dark shape seen, blood spatters, prints in the snow but no one has been harmed. So far. A writer has been growing more enamored of the faerie tales that he has been writing and is beginning to believe them while his friend just wishes to get out of the house and go fishing but with the strange ancient creature out there will they be safe?

Zeus sits on a rock on Mars but still decides upon our destiny, witches play games with our lives, a Moonchild scents change in the River-land's and the old gods rumble under the sod of Argyll. A dark Kilmartin Mystery, another tale of the "Moonchild" who has become a firm favourite with readers, an outrageously funny tale of the first Mars landing, then there is the dark mystery of a "medium" telling the fortune of a real witch.

A cracking read, dark and dangerous, Rob Anderson Author of “Elizabeth” and “From the Top” Hold on to your hat. Lorrie Dylan. “The Machine”

Hiding From the Light

September 25th 2019

Hiding From the Light; A master of the dark tale is let loose upon this strange conglomeration of fantastical tales. Ancient gods; worshiped still, gain life again. Moonchildren creep from their quiet holts and have stories to tell. Dark tales of the crypt and witchery abound, amid sad tales of loss and hope forlorn. Add to this a couple of humorous tales and some dark fantasy, this is a treat you will have rarely experienced.

I cried, laughed, grew excited, wept and dreamed of these tales, over and over. Few authors have the command of emotion that Raymond shows. Magda Asif, The Spectator.

A Roller Coaster ride of emotions, beauty, taste, disgust, love, romance, terror and simple comfort. I have never read this author before but I am hooked and will be ordering more of his books as soon as I am finished writing this. Salman Rushdie, award winning author of "Midnight's Children"

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A strange beast from the dark places of the world stalks the night and the creatures of faerie are scared. They have lived around the river since the time before time existed. Quiet creatures, timid and fearful, silent in the night but happy in their nocturnal existence,

peace and happiness was drawn from them by the "Dread" and replaced by a creeping fear. Each and every one of the fae knew that they would become, dinner, for the beast.

They had only one hope, a human, husband to the sprite that was the river itself. He must slay or persuade the beast to head North into the cold wastes where it belongs. Add to this dark tale four others, the award winning "The strange tale of the Crows Feather" Where the darkest of portents are found to be true, "Wisdom Lies in Adaptability" the darkest of fables and the multi award winning "Picture on the wall" a ghostly tale of no mean stature. 

Raymond Walker is the, author of "The Secret Inside" , "The River Girls Torment" and  "He, who is Lost"

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He who is Lost

March 30 2019

I am extremely proud and honored to share my next Novel with you. "He, who is Lost" was released on the the thirtieth of March last year. This dark romance tells the tale of Maeve and Rob a couple nearing their middle years who meet and over time fall in love. The only hurdle in the way is Rob's desire to tell Faerie tales which he seems to believe as though they are real. As his stories grow darker and more dangerous Maeve begins to fear for for Rob's sanity. It is then whilst out hunting a faerie that he disappears without a trace only to turn up again in the middle of the night many years later.

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What’s New With Raymond Walker

As you can see from the notes above all my focus, for the moment, is on "The Dark Kind" which will be released in a few months tme. I have started doing a little pre-publication advertising and held a talk about it's forthcoming release. Happily the pre-publication reviews have been great; Comments such as "Dark and Delicious" From Lucy Briggs of "Wondrous Tales" and "A clever, accomplished Mystery" from fellow author Rob Anderson have done nothing but bouy my enthusiasm for this Book.