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As is the case with almost every writer I know, my last novel, no matter how much I enjoyed writing it, no matter how much I liked the story. It is still my "last" novel. Even as I complete a book, even as I am advertising and trying to sell it, even when doing signings for it. My mind is already on my next book or novel. So here I intend to show you what is "Coming Soon". Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you.

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The dead girl was not always dead, once she lived and played like other girls, like her sister, until one day the river took her. Near the river lies the Wandering Tree, beneath its branches children play, animals' hide, and insects gather. An old tree harbor's many secrets and life is only one of them.
A broken man lives near the Wandering Tree, a man who has lost a wife and later a daughter. The river gives life to the tree and all surrounding it, the broken man, the dead girl, and the creatures, human, animal, and elemental, who rely upon its bounty. Not all is right with the river, the Wandering Tree and the lands surrounding it. An insidious cancer grows, takes root, and spreads, infecting all those who live around and in the river. The dead girl, the broken man, the sad Moonchild and all the creatures who live by the river must find the root of this blight and destroy it before it consumes them.
Imagine a faerie tale by a master storyteller, romance, suspense, horror, and fantasy crafted perfectly. I cannot get enough of this. Robert Anderson author of Elizabeth
Truth, wonder and an overriding innocence that glamours, dark, beautiful, and mysterious, I was enchanted.
Carrie Lewis author of Infidelity
Wondrous. The Scotsman. Spellbinding. The Glasgow Herald. Bittersweet; a must read. The Metro


Barangueil and other short Tales will be released before the turning of the year. This book consists of three short tales and two award winning novellas, one of which gives the book its name. In this strange year there have been fewer magazines printed than is usual, fewer books released, fewer films screening, but I have been lucky enough to have won a couple of awards these years in both the novella and short story categories. The Guardian awards were kind to me, once more as I garnered two; one for the short story, Middle-mass and the other for the title novella "Baranguiel",

Similarly, the Fiction awards were generous with A gold star and bouquet for the novella "The Tractor" and winner of the best short Fiction "Collector" and best original tale; The Taxi Driver" all of which are included in this volume and have never appeared anywhere before this time though they will be included in anthologies for both the newspaper and magazine.

I feel sure that you will enjoy them.

The Dark Kind

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I really enjoyed writing "He, Who is Lost", back on home ground, my playpark.  So much so that I continued with the theme, except that I was not looking for a tragedy or a romance this time but rather the antithesis of it.  I started writing, "The Dark Kind", which is a faerie tale but many times more forlorn, darker, stranger and more dramatic than the tragedy that was "He, who is lost". I will be releasing a freebie soon, "The Dread"(you can read it on the site for free just goto free stuff and click the button)", which plays upon the themes in both "He, who is Lost" and "The Dark Kind" but I suspect that "The Dark Kind" will be will be my next novel.

We shall see.



 Will be my Halloween offering for this year. 

This collection of short horror tales will shock many, Dark and dreadful, all have a supernatural base and some are dark and bloody. So find your pith helmet, googles and fire retardant suit,  Sit yourself uncomfortably on the edge of a seat, take a deep breath and enjoy these draconian tales. 

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"Beastie" Was released on all hallows eve, as is appropriate for a book such as this. I am sure that you will enjoy it. 

The Trow. A mythical beast is Imagined in Kilmartin Glen. It hunts the strange and remote writer of these tales. Stalking him and his few friends. The Trow Intends to make a meal of the author of this collection of tales, to swallow his stories and the writer can do little to defend himself. Added to this tragedy are another two novellas, another set in Kilmartin and an odd science fantasy where Zeus appears on Mars.


A Triumph, a work of wonder, a tour de force, so many allusions and an easy read, you are granted every fantastical world imaginable In this treat for the reader. Rob Anderson. Author of Elizabeth and From the Top.

What can I say about this plethora of imagination, A Kafkaesque hunt, A coquettish fancy set in the river-lands  followed up by the most thought provoking comedy I have read since Dickens. Anne Wilkins. Prodigy Magazine.

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