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As is the case with almost every writer I know, my last novel, no matter how much I enjoyed writing it, no matter how much I liked the story. It is still my "last" novel. Even as I complete a book, even as I am advertising and trying to sell it, even when doing signings for it. my mind is already on my next book or novel. So here I wish to show you what is "Coming Soon". Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you.

Mini Sagas, Micro fiction

January 2023

I have, for a few years now intended to produce a collection of “Flash Fiction” or “Mini Sagas” as I prefer to call these very short tales.
The world is changing and I, like many others, must adapt. Shorter tales, those you can read whilst waiting in the doctor’s surgery, the hairdressers, in the queue at Tesco have become important, noticeable and I, like any other writer, wish my tales to be read. This collection is aimed at those that have little time, but still enjoy fiction, wonderful tales; thoughtful but short. Horror, fantasy, and myth fill these pages with drama and pathos.
Each of these tales can be read in ten minutes or less but still exude darkness, myth and have a hint of the classic faerie Tale. I hope that you enjoy them

mini sagas.jpg

The Dark Kind

September 2023

I’ve been working on this release for quite some time now and can’t wait for you to read it. This book first started out as a side project, but soon turned into a fascinating undertaking which I couldn’t stop thinking about or writing.  The sequel to "The Dead Girl and the Wandering tree" this novel completes the series of "River Tales" I have been writing for so long now. A dark and dramatic tale about how the river Folk fight the influx of marauding invaders.

the dark kind.jpg

Under Dark Skies.

March 2023

"Under dark skies" in the far north a new life together and a fresh start welcomes Mae and Rob, newly married and very much in love, to a new home in Argyll, in the Heartland of historic Scotland. They settle in to enjoy the untroubled home that they have always wanted. But there is something deeply unsettling about the new house, overrun with rodents and birds and filled with old Books and artifacts. History and myth seeps in through the thick stone walls and whilst Rob may seek answers to the puzzles surrounding them Mae looks to secure her sanity and make this the dream home that she has always wished for. Robs tantrums, foolish ideas, educated Rats, deluded Nurses, stuffed birds and ancient gods that want to live again stand in her way, but Mae will have her Idyllic home no matter who or what she must kill to get it.

I have another new book on the cards and I have called it "Fey" but to be honest it really does not have a title nor is it completely finished In fact it is not even half finished. But at some time in the future (lol probably) a couple of years from now possibly it will be and so I thought to add it here. I am really enjoying writing the novel. 

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