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Physical book prices.









The Fisherman's Lament. £1.99

The Mistakes of the past. £0.99

Beastie. £3.99

Hiding From The Light £7.99

Trow. £8.99

He who is Lost £9.99

The Shed £4.99

Over the Tears of the Fallen £10.99

Winters Ghost £ 10.99

She Wept Black Tears £ 10.99

The River Girls torment £9.99

The Painting £7.99

A Crow's Feather. £7.99

My Peculiar Guinevere £9.99

Kilmartin (omnibus edition) £18.99

A Shiver. £7.99

The Quiet Snow £6.99 

Twisted Sisters £7.99

The Secret Inside £12.99

Life, Love and Death £6.99

Moonchild and other Tales £9.99

A Pale Shadow Creeps. £10.99

Nut Brown Eyes £7.99

The Miscast Fate £9.99

Tales from this Northern Land £7.99

Walking the Crow road (is not available for purchase at this time).


Please note.  Depending upon which books are selling, reprints, new editions etc the prices can change in a heartbeat.

This does not apply to digital editions of the book where the price remains pretty much constant unless there is a sale on.

But the prices of the physical books change regularly and rapidly. The prices I have given here are the maximum you are likely to spend. If you wish an update or to order something at any time please feel free to e-mail me at raytwalker@googlemail.com and I will give you the current price of any book. I am also happy to sign the book and add a message at no extra cost. 

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