Here you will find original stories and even the initial bones of what was later to become a novel for your reading pleasure. Here you will find the free stuff. 

I hope to tempt you just enough that you then buy a book or download an e-book.

A marketing ploy to try and ensnare you, to glamour you, to enchant you, just enough for you to buy a book.

Obviously I cannot place my best work here or you would not have to read farther but I am hoping that what you read here is just enough to tempt you into making a purchase.

And so I have placed a few tales here which will hopefully whet your appetite for a few more. 


Also there are other freebies but I do not think that they count as much as you have to buy something to receive them.

For example if you buy any paperback  from this site you get a couple of free bookmarks with it.


If you buy three novels you get an author themed t-shirt of your choice sent to you free of charge.  

This is where you will find the free stuff.

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