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Tales from the twilight

 It is winter here, dark and terrible, rain lashing the windows, gales howling outside the door and through the glens. Now is the time to buy a book, light the candles, pour yourself a glass of your favorite warming tipple and settle down to a good read.

Treat yourself to a ghostly Tale, a dark and brooding romance, a jarring horror. Here you will find tales of the unexpected. romance, with a dark side, Ghostly tales with a romantic touch, Horror tales with redeeming features. You get where I am going with this.  I need not explain it more. I just, as a parting shot ,wished to tell you.

There is a sale on, check out the prices. You will be amazed, so little money for so much enjoyable reading.

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On Sale right now.

Hiding From the Light; A master of the dark tale is let loose upon this strange conglomeration of fantastical tales. Ancient gods; worshiped still, gain life again. Moonchildren creep from their quiet holts and have stories to tell. Dark tales of the crypt and witchery abound, amid sad tales of loss and hope forlorn. Add to this a couple of humorous tales and some dark fantasy, this is a treat you will have rarely experienced. I cried, laughed, grew excited, wept and dreamed of these tales, over and over. Few authors have the command of emotion that Raymond shows. Magda Asif, The Spectator. A Roller Coaster ride of emotions, beauty, taste, disgust, love, romance, terror and simple comfort. I have never read this author before but I am hooked and will be ordering more of his books as soon as I am finished writing this. Salman Rushdie, award winning author of "Midnight's Children"

A beast is hunting the snow-covered winter lands of Kilmartin, a dark shape seen, blood spatters, prints in the snow but no one has been harmed. so far. A writer has been growing more enamored of the faerie tales that he has been writing and is beginning to believe them while his friend just wishes to get out of the house and go fishing but with the strange ancient creature out there will they be safe? Zeus sits on a rock on Mars but still decides upon our destiny, witches play games with our lives, a Moonchild scents change in the River-land's and the old gods rumble under the sod of Argyll. A dark Kilmartin Mystery, another tale of the "Moonchild" who has become a firm favorite with readers, an outrageously funny tale of the first Mars landing, then there is the dark mystery of a "medium" telling the fortune of a real witch. A Cracking read, dark and dangerous, Rob Anderson Author of “Elizabeth” and “From the Top”

Hold on to your hat. Lorrie Dylan. “The Machine”

In The dark depths of a Scots winter, A Pale Shadow Creeps.

From Its tomb of stones and broken bones; It rises into the cold and forsaken night. This shade, has a dire purpose. For it to live again its place must be taken beneath The Cairn from which it rose.
Whosoever wakened it or one of their choice shall take its place beneath the wet sod of the Argyll hills.
Rob is too busy enjoying his new home. He worries about the novel that he needs to write, the money he needs to earn and the new love that he has found. Threats from shades, shadows or wraiths are not something he takes seriously.
But he should.
Raymond walker again jumps genres with ease creating a very current ghost story with a rather Faustian feel. A romance that will leave you spellbound whilst darkness falls and shadows haunt ancient Scotland, Its standing stones cairns and sepulchers.
Rob thinks about love and life and money and never worries about the scratching at the door, the howling in the night and the very strange dreams he has been having. But he should.

I stared awestruck and humbled by the Kraken before me that consumed the long shingle beach with a carnivores veracity, patches of golden sand and small rocks that tumbled and fell with each passing movement of the giants teeth, devouring the beach with every surge of its hide and teeth, pulling rocks back into its hungry maw, shells, small fish, crabs and all manner of sea creatures scrabbling to pull themselves away from this all-consuming monster that has no thought or sense but devours all that lies in its way with no cunning, no mind, yet with a strange kind of avarice, wishing all to be part of it, to be consumed by it.

In this way a man's doom was sealed and he faced his fate with acceptance, hopefulness and even with a thought of deliverance. The man will meet his own daemons, his own fears and will either be drawn into them or rise above them.

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Some of the Lovecraftian 

tales are also on sale at the moment.

Many ghostly and unreal tales.

Treat yourself to a good read.

"The Quiet Snow", "The Crows feather" and "Hiding from the light" are all on sale at the moment.

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